Prep Mandarin

Prep Mandarin - for students of school years Prep - Year 2

Research shows that introducing another language to a child when they are at a preschool age enables them to master both languages much easier. Mastering more than one language will benefit a child in many aspects of their lives, and can often boost success in their future career development.

This course immerses young ones into the wonderful world of Chinese culture and language experience through Mandarin.

  • Introduction to Mandarin learning through a fun approach including storytelling, rhymes, games, crafts, songs and other lively activities.

  • Introduction of basic characters and the Pinyin system.

  • Children learn quickly and happily from our creative methodology based on communication and expression.

  • Develop a natural love and enthusiasm for learning Mandarin, where the children will gain a sense of pride in learning a new language (and culture) and develop a natural ear and pronunciation of Mandarin.

  • Exposure to Chinese culture and festivals through celebration, craft making and traditional food tasting and more.


Suitable: For years 5 - 7

Duration: 2.5 hrs weekly

Time: Every Sunday Termly

Fee: Payment Termly

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Note: Minimum 5 students for starting a class. (Register Your Interest Now)


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Sunshine Coast Chinese School is the local MiaoMiao Chinese branch school on the Sunshine Coast that has been teaching Mandarin to students in Queensland since 1997.

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Prep Class Learning

Our programs are tailored made to cater for each grade of your mandarin skills level.

Mandarin is the most spoken language in the world with over 1.2 billion people speaking Mandarin, outpacing the next spoken language by a factor of 3. Mandarin is also the 2nd most spoken language in Australia, hence a basic understanding of the mandarin language is a very useful skill to master.

Check list

  • Learn from a native Mandarin speaker.
  • Learn from a teacher with a masters degree in education.
  • Learn from a teacher with 10 years teaching experience in public and private schools.
  • Learn from a teacher with past tutoring experience.
  • Learn from a teacher that has taught Mandarin at University.
  • Learn from a teacher that has completed all back ground checks for school teaching.
  • Learn from a teacher who understands and gets the best out of students.
  • Will have fun learning a new language in an encouraging environment.
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