Teenagers and HSK mandarin

Teenagers and HSK Mandarin - for high school students of school years 7- Year 12

This online course for students in high school is for students to be able to learn basic Mandarin to a level to understand basic sentences and respond in Mandarin. Assist students establish a solid foundation of vocabulary, knowledge of Chinese and communication skills through the natural and gradual integration of language, content and cultural elements.

  • The variety of activities and built-in differentiation lessons will provide enough flexibility to integrate new learners.

  • You will extend your vocabulary and tackle more complex structures in dynamic Chinese classes.

  • Communicate with increasing fluency and confidence in Mandarin;

  • The course is closely aligned with the Australian Curriculum and ACRCA and provides extra support for the students who wish to seek the Year 12 language pathway.


The course will also allow the student the choice to study for the Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK), this is an internationally standard, comprehensive and authoritative testing system, designed for non-native Chinese speakers who are learning the Chinese language and wish to seek opportunity to work, study or live in China.

The advantage of this test is that it demonstrates to companies and universities that students have achieved particular levels of competence that are internationally recognised.

For more information about HSK, please refer to the official HSK website: http://www.chinesetest.cn

The new HSK consists of a series of 6 levels of testing (Level 1 is the lowest level and Level 6 is the highest). The table below shows the level of vocabulary expected for the different levels.

HSK Table

Selecting the HSK option is specifically designed for the students who wish to attend the HSK test and help students to cope with the test confidently.


Duration: 1 - 2 Hours Weekly

Time: Flexible

Fee: Payment Termly

Equipment Required: Access to computer for online teaching

(For class fees, please contact info@sunshinecoastchinese.com)

Note: Minimum 5 students for starting a class. (Register Your Interest Now)

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Year 7 - year 12 Online Learning

Our programs are tailored made to cater for each grade of your mandarin skills level.

Mandarin is the most spoken language in the world with over 1.2 billion people speaking Mandarin, outpacing the next spoken language by a factor of 3. Mandarin is also the 2nd most spoken language in Australia, hence a basic understanding of the mandarin language is a very useful skill to master.

Check list

  • Learn from a native Mandarin speaker.
  • Learn from a teacher with a masters degree in education.
  • Learn from a teacher with 10 years teaching experience in public and private schools.
  • Learn from a teacher with past tutoring experience.
  • Learn from a teacher that has taught Mandarin at University.
  • Learn from a teacher that has completed all back ground checks for school teaching.
  • Learn from a teacher who understands and gets the best out of students.
  • Will have fun learning a new language in an encouraging environment.
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